Does the Tooth Fairy Come to Laos?

Bee and David (Kate, Anna and Matthew’s grandparents) took us on an amazing spring break trip to Laos and Cambodia. Our first stop was Luang Prabang, in Northern Laos. Even though the sun was a bit obscured by haze from slash and burn farming practices, the temperature was warm and it was DRY — quite the opposite of the usual humid, mold-inducing weather of Hanoi.

On our first sight-seeing trip we took a two hour boat ride on the Mekong River…. lots of time was passed reading Harry Potter aloud (we are on book four now and completely engrossed).

The boat took us to a remote village, which was extremely rustic. The houses were wooden and had thatch roofs, and some were built on stilts.  There was no electricity and no roads for the 20 or so houses and huts. Women made silk scarves on looms (we bought some). People even have monkeys for pets!

A pet monkey - we didn't get too close, but he is chained up.

Village in Laos

We hiked for 30 minutes through a jungle.  On the way we saw some of the biggest leaves we’ve ever seen. Finally we reached the two Pak Ou caves – these are caves with over 1,000 statues of Buddha. These statues are old Buddhas that can no longer be used because they are damaged, so they are placed here. The caves have been in use for hundreds of years.  There is no electricity, so this is a totally different experience than Rock City in Chattanooga!! The kids were given flashlights. It was very exciting.