Into the Wild

After leaving Luang Prabang, we continued our spring break trip and headed into Southern Laos. Kind of in the middle of nowhere, Southern Laos is home to malaria-infected mosquitoes as well as some beautiful temples, waterfalls and fresh water dolphins! The airport was very small.

Getting off the plane in Pakse, in Southern Laos.

For three days Anna’s diet in Southern Laos consisted of bread and french fries. She was happy to find some Lao ketchup that tasted pretty good.

The first stop was the ruins of a very old temple called Vat Phou. The surviving structures date from the 11th century, although the place was used as a temple even before that. We walked up a long stone path and reached some super steep stairs and made a final climb up to the temple.

Umbrellas to help stay cool.

Walking towards Vat Phou

Old, cranky and steep stairs. Only for the sure-footed.

Walk inside the temple with your friendly guide, Anna Goldberg:

Matthew and Anna inside the Vat Phou temple

A relief carving at Vat Phou temple. The Laos three headed elephant for the kingdom of a million elephants.

Another relief carving at Vat Phou, this of the three Hindu gods.

That evening to get to our hotel, which was about 3 hours away, we took a makeshift ferry boat ride to cross over the Mekong River. The ferry boat was really just three boats in a row with logs and boards cobbled together on top, upon which we drove our van and stood. Matthew’s leg accidentally slipped into a hole between the boards, but thankfully he only got a couple of scrapes!

Going across the Mekong River on a ferry boat in Southern Laos. The kids are looking at a gecko they found.

We spent a lot of time on boats on the river and enjoying nature in Southern Laos.

This lady is making donuts made from rice. Yummy! Served in a banana paper cup.

The view from our breakfast table: the wide and lovely Mekong River.

Then we headed back to the airport for our final destination: Cambodia. More on that coming up….


2 thoughts on “Into the Wild

  1. Stacy,
    I am loving these updates! You are bold and adventurous. What an amazing experience for your family We miss you!

  2. I was there about a month and half before you guys, It was my first time also and haven’t yet write a blog about it yet. I stayed at that guesthouse that you guys ate lunch at.

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