Boogie Board Vs. Tooth

Poppy and Uncle Rob were here for a short visit, so we left Halong Bay and caught a plane straight to Hoi An, a beach town in central Vietnam.  Remember how I complained about how dirty and polluted the water was in Nha Trang and Halong Bay? Well, not so in Hoi An. On my first morning there, I saw a water buffalo pulling some contraption through the sand behind our hotel to rake the beach. I figured that it could not be possible that this cleanliness went beyond our hotel’s beach. After running for over a mile down the beach, though, I saw not one scrap of trash!

River in Hoi An

We enjoyed walking through the streets of the old village of Hoi An, where we saw actual, real trash cans on the street. And people used them. It was all quite civilized!  The trees and flowers were blooming. The traditional houses had been well preserved, unlike in Hanoi, where everything has been built over or covered with billboards and electrical wires. It was over 100 degrees and scorching, so our forays included lots of stops for drinks.

Poppy in the old town of Hoi An

A street in Hoi An

We opted to stay in a hotel on the beach, which turned out to be perfect for the kids, who loved playing in the waves and eating by the pool (thankfully there was Anna-friendly food).

Clean water!

Starting running back from the University of Hoi An, #33 Rob Rakusin

Hoi An is known for its tailors who can turn around clothes in 24 hours or less. All the guys had new shirts made.

Poppy being measured.

On our second morning in Hoi An, Poppy and I went for a very early photographic stroll down in the market.

It being near the seaside, there was a lot of fresh seafood, some identifiable, some not. All edible, though (for someone!).

The trip was perfect except for one mishap. The kids discovered boogie boards and gave them a try:

Shortly after this photo was taken, a big wave came and knocked the boogie board into Matthew’s mouth, causing a tooth to fall out two days later (thankfully a baby tooth, but it was not due to come out for a long time and I don’t think Matthew thought this was a fun experience at all). Read: boogie boarding not appropriate for six year olds.

Here’s Matthew with his lost tooth (and a summer buzz cut, which Michael blamed on communication issues with the Vietnamese barber in our neighborhood):

And as long as we’re onto doing things that are a bit dangerous, the kids begged for days to take a ride on some motorbikes that were outfitted with side cars in Hoi An. We finally gave in and took a short ride.

We said farewell to Uncle Rob and Poppy, who went back home to the U.S. Thanks for a great trip!